We can help consolidate IRA'a and 401k's.

We are affiliated with all major mutual fund and variable annuity companies. Additionally, we have a bevy of third party money managers who can construct a portfolio that meets your goals and objectives. In other words, we can tailor your investments to your needs, focusing solely on the well being of our clients. (Securities offered through American Portfolios Financial Services, member FINRA)

We are loyal to our clients first. No one tells us what to do, what to sell or how much. We are completely independent and we like it that way. We are beholden to no one. Now, having said that, of course we are licensed and insured and comply with oversight and regulatory agencies like FINRA and the SEC. We believe openness and transparency is the secret to mutual respect, understanding and lasting relationships.

In other words, of course we follow the rules.

*Registered representative offering securities through American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.

Member FINRA

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Bardonia, NY 10954

For any securities clients and/or any securities related questions or concerns,

please email Joe at

Life Insurance

Personal and Business 

Our firm is independent and offers no proprietary products.

Not to get too far into the weeds, but we feel obligated to no one but our clients. We offer life insurance products from over 70 companies allowing us to tailor each individual's policy to their own specific circumstances and concerns.

You cannot find a better price on life insurance anywhere, including any online brokers, and we promise not to harass you. You see, we think protecting your family in the event of tragedy is a very personal matter and personal care should be taken to make sure you have the coverage appropriate for your needs and your budget.

OK, no more soap box.

We have the experience to steer you towards the company that is right for YOU and your needs. Some companies look more favorably, or more accurately, penalize you less, if you happen to be a few pounds (or more) overweight or if you have some health issues like high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Cigar smoker? Fear not. Not every company thinks you are the devil. Cigarettes? That's a little tougher but not a deal breaker. We can find coverage for almost everyone. You should quit smoking though- I heard it's bad for you.

We will get you the absolute best rate you qualify for and we will fight for you. Please don't fall for the ads promising more than can be delivered.

Call us for a complimentary, realistic, no obligation quote on life insurance. We are happy to help.

Payroll & Bookkeeping

We can help set up and run your payroll for your Sole Proprietorship, S. Corp., or LLC.

Once setup is complete, we will run a payroll on whatever schedule works for you, be it weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly, whatever.

We are happy to help you with this very affordable service. 

Naturally, we will also keep you compliant with all of your quarterly and other tax filings.

Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Income Taxes

Personal and Business

We have been preparing individual income taxes since 1989.

Much like any other profession, we feel specialized advice and service is the only way to offer top quality service to our clients.

If you run a farm, we are probably not the right firm for you. If, however, you are a working family who is feeling the squeeze and wondering how your financial life got so seemingly complex, we can help.

From simple individual income taxes to complex, intertwined, multi-tiered corporate returns, we can help.

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